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Evidence of insanity or mental sickness may be presented to negate the requirement of willfulness as a matter of counter-defense. But the burden of evidence is then shifted to the claimant to prove that the seafarer was of unsound mind.

Others estimate that about half of people who complete suicide could be diagnosed with a personality disorder with borderline personality disorder being the most common. [50] About 5% of people with schizophrenia die of suicide. [51] Eating disorders are another high risk condition. [52]

A few times I had to back off as my knee was rejecting my body from too much plyometrics.  This workout can be hard on the joints, so don’t neglect your body’s signals to ease up.

The annual rate of certain diseases, like the suicide rate, is both relatively stable for a given society and perceptibly variable from one society to another; and since insanity is such a disease, the demonstration that suicide is the consequence of insanity (a psychological fact) would successfully account for those features of permanence and variability which had led Durkheim to suggest that suicide was a social fact sui generis . Durkheim was thus particularly concerned to eliminate insanity as a probable cause of suicide, and he did so by attacking that hypothesis in its two most common forms: the view that suicide itself is a special form of insanity, and the view that suicide is simply an effect of various types of insanity. The first Durkheim dismissed by classifying suicidal insanity as a "monomania" -- a form of mental illness limited to a single act or object -- and then arguing that not a single incontestable example of such monomania had yet been shown to exist. The second he rejected on the ground that all suicides committed by the insane are either devoid of deliberation and motive altogether or based on motives that are purely hallucinatory, while many suicides are "doubly identifiable as being deliberate and springing from representations involved in this deliberation which are not purely hallucinatory." 6 There are many suicides, therefore, not connected with insanity.

Dahmer was a notorious serial killer and sex offender in 1991. His long list of offenses involved sex, cannibalism, necrophilia, and dismemberment. Since he was a child, he had shown symptoms of withdrawal and avoidance of any social interactions. He would collect dead animals, then dissect, dissolve, or mutilate them in various ways. He committed the first murder in 1978, bludgeoning to death Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker because “the guy wanted to leave and I didn’t want him to.” In September 1987, he picked up Steven Tuomi at a gay bar and killed him out of impulse, claiming no memory of the event later in trial. In 1988, he was also arrested for giving drugs and sexual fondling a 13 year old boy, Somsack Sinthasomphone. As a registered sex offender, he would then proceed to commit 15 more murders, storing the corpses in vats. Dahmer kept trophies of his victims such as human skulls and genitalia in the closet and “saving” biceps and the human heart in the freezer for later consumption. This happened up to the year 1991 when Tracy Edwarts, a would-be victim overpowered Dahmer, ran through the streets and waved for the police car.

suicide "deliberate killing of oneself," 1651, from . suicidium "suicide," from L. sui "of oneself" (gen. of se "self"), from PIE *s(u)w-o- "one's own," from base *s(w)e- (see idiom) + -cidium "a killing" (see -cide). Probably an Eng. coinage; much maligned by Latin purists because it "may as well seem to participate of sus, a sow, as of the pronoun sui" [Phillips]. The meaning "person who kills himself deliberately" is from 1728. In Anglo-L., the term for "one who commits suicide" was felo-de-se, lit. "one guilty concerning himself.""November, the suicide season." [Samuel Foote, "The Bankrupt," ... 1773]In England, suicides were legally criminal if sane, but not if judged to have been mentally deranged. The criminal ones were given degrading burial in roadways until 1823. Suicidal is from 1777. Suicide blonde first attested 1942. Baseball suicide squeeze is attested from 1955.

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Insanity Suicide ChristmasInsanity Suicide ChristmasInsanity Suicide ChristmasInsanity Suicide Christmas