Various uppers on the south downs

We had a number of variables in our two AR15 upper receiver builds which added complexity and risk. First and foremost, Jeff and Josejuan completed these builds and neither had assembled an AR15 upper before. The risk of mistakes during assembly that would impact the upper’s performance was real. This build was also done using parts from a wide variety of manufacturers. We really like to test rifles and uppers that come assembled from the manufacturer so that we can eliminate the variables of mistakes in assembly and poorly selected or paired parts. However, we had acquired a pair of barrels for testing from our friends at Bear Creek Arsenal, hand guards from JP Enterprises and Unique ARs, a AR-15/M-16 bolt carrier group ¬†from NF Manufacturing (review) , an adjustable gas block from JP Enterprises , (long live the Oxford comma!) and Muzzle brakes from R&J Firearms. We really didn’t want to tear apart any existing uppers to test all of those parts. New builds were in order.

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Initial operation Before you enjoy your first coffee, open up the control panel with the bar handle and fill up the water tank located behind it with a max. of litres of water. The water filter enclosed may also be used.

This AR-15 barreled upper is head spaced, and ready to mount to your lower receiver after installing the bolt carrier group, see options.  Once you have an assembled lower with the parts installed and mount the upper,  this is an operational firearm

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This is a tradition, as Romney is the nearest lock to the Queen's Thames home of Windsor Castle. From Romney Lock the party proceeded to the Donkey House public house, where years ago they would have stayed when it was called the Kings Arms, but now they go home at night and return in the morning to continue the journey upstream to Pangbourne.
  The number of swans marked this year (1981) was the smallest ever, possibly because many birds are poisoned by retaining with the grit in their crops the lead weights used by anglers, or are strangled by their lines. Research is being carried out to resolve this problem, but it must be almost too late. In 1970 about 600 birds were counted, but in 1980 there were only 114.
. Swan Keeper, Capt. F. J. Turk, . states that in 1981 there were 14 broods and 54 cygnets. Of this total, there were 3 Dyer's Company swans and 16 cygnets. The Vintner's Company had 4 swans and 12 cygnets. The Queen's cygnets numbered 26.

Various Uppers On The South DownsVarious Uppers On The South DownsVarious Uppers On The South DownsVarious Uppers On The South Downs