Too sweet celebrate and discobobulate

“Whether we are talking, going on an adventure together, or simply doing everyday life together -- I cherish every moment with you!” she captioned a stunning wedding portrait. “I love how you lead me in the Word and prayer. Your selflessness and sensitivity and care is remarkable.”

December 12 – I found this cute printout through Pinterest and filled a cheap glass Christmas tree with Hershey Kisses

This is the messianic matrix woven by the biblical writers at the intersection of the story of Israel and the story of Jesus. For those who have embraced the message of Christmas — that Jesus is the virgin-born restorer of Israel and Savior of the world — this is also part of their story, a story of redemption received and being called to join Jesus in his mission to the world.

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Rosh Hashanah is an important religious holiday that celebrates the Jewish New Year. Typically occurring in September or October of each year, it is observed for two days by most Jews, and features a number of unique customs.

“It just felt right,” Hemsworth told Good Morning Britain  of their whirlwind romance. “It just made sense, and there was no great plan to any of it to be honest. We were on holiday and we said, ‘Why don’t we get married, too?’ And then the next minute...”

Oh, and one of our favorite responses reminds us just why all this matters so much. Jeanne Ciccone-Neal responded, “I am an adopted child. I wasn’t born in the states and came here when I was 3 months old. My mom called it airport day (I arrived by plane). We had a special dinner and when I was younger I got presents. I’m 32 and we still have a special dinner.” 

Too Sweet Celebrate And DiscobobulateToo Sweet Celebrate And DiscobobulateToo Sweet Celebrate And DiscobobulateToo Sweet Celebrate And Discobobulate