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First, I want to say that the notes on this fragrance differ, depending on where you look.

Fragrantica lists:

"opens with bergamot and myrtle, succeeded in the heart by roasted coffee combined with gianduja cream, on a rich base created of cedar and precious leather".

Nordstrom lists:

- Top: Italian bergamot, myrtle liquor.
- Middle: crema di gianduia.
- Base: leather, cedarwood.

..and yet another popular fragrance site lists:

Top - bergamot, myrtle
Heart (middle) Roasted coffee beans, chocolate, hazelnut
Base - Leather, Cedarwood

Based on this: all seem to agree that the basenotes are leather and cedarwod.

In the middle, two of the three list roasted coffee beans, one lists coffee and two list "gianduia cream".

Don't know what gianduia cream is? Neither did I, so I had to google it. It's listed as a sweet, chocolate spread, containing about 30% hazelnut paste, invented in Turin, during Napoleon's regency. So, Nutella.

In a nutshell (pun intended), they all agree that the top notes are bergamot and myrtle, the heart notes are chocolate and hazelnut and the basenotes are leather and cedarwood.

Having babbled all of that, here's my take on it:

As a disclaimer, my nose is poor and I'm not picking up a lot of the bergamot in the opening, unless it's part of the sweet smell that seems to be blended so well. The chocolate is very evident, along with *slightly* lesser hazelnut. I don't pick up the wood and only a hint of leather.

IMO: If you buy this fragrance, you're going to smell like radiating, ethereal Nutella, backed by an ever so slight hint of orange.

My first thought when I smelt it in a sample was "meh". Then, a bit later, I smelt it again and thought "that's pretty good" and then I realized that I had to have a bottle.

In regard to projection and longevity, I don't quite understand those who say that this fragrance is weak. To me, it's quite strong with projection and longevity being above average.

Last: Sorry for the long review. Normally, long reviews annoy the crap out of me but I wanted to note the differences in notes between different sites.

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TZ Junior Sugar My Love