Total contrast the river

The urban Thames was once best admired from the deck of one of its many scheduled passenger boats. It can now also be viewed to striking advantage from the Millennium Bridge (2000; retrofitted and reopened 2002), the only bridge across the Thames that is solely for pedestrians, and from the London Eye, a sort of enormous Ferris wheel. Other outstanding riverside landmarks on a boat voyage through London include Kew Gardens , the Tate Britain , the Houses of Parliament , the London Eye, the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral , the Tower of London , Tower Bridge , Canary Wharf, the former Royal Naval College and the Millennium Dome at Greenwich , and the gleaming steel of the Thames Barrier, the last marking the transition to estuarine flatlands.

The soil’s ability to let water infiltrate has a similar effect to the dominant rock type in a drainage basin. Unconsolidated soils allow water to infiltrate and so act as a store in a drainage basin. In addition, water travels slowly through soil via throughflow. This reduces the peak discharge while increasing the lag time of a river. On the other hand, extremely fine clay soils don’t allow water to infiltrate. As a result, water travels quickly as overland flow, reducing the lag time of a river.

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Great band. I have a signed 12″ with some sort of megamix on it, but whenever I revisit these things they’re always awful, so maybe I should leave it well alone!

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Total Contrast The RiverTotal Contrast The RiverTotal Contrast The RiverTotal Contrast The River