My bloody valentine strawberry wine

I t takes as long as it takes. The phrase is useful in understanding the typically long-gestating output of Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine .

After a seemingly innocent prank goes horribly wrong, a group of sorority sisters are stalked and murdered one by one in their sorority house while throwing a party to celebrate their graduation.

With the vocal tracks completed, a final mix of the album was undertaken with engineer Dick Meaney at the Church in Crouch End during the autumn of 1991; [21] it was the nineteenth studio in which Loveless had been worked on. [20] The album was edited on an aged machine that had previously been used to cut together dialog for movies in the 1970s. Its computer threw the entire album out of phase. Shields was able to put it back together from memory, yet when it came to mastering the album, to Creation's dismay, he needed 13 days, rather than the usual one day. [22]

Traditionally with analog tapes, if you want to edit something together, you’ve got to basically find the spot by rocking the tape back and forth and splicing it and sticking the two pieces of tape together. But the crossfades that we had on Loveless were technically impossible to do in the analog domain because a lot of them were very short, yet way too long to actually recreate with normal editing techniques.

Technically, this album isn't instrumental — Bilinda Butcher's dreamy croon wafts throughout, gently defining post-punk girlishness. Guitarist and resident genius Kevin Shields also sings sometimes. But the instrumental quality of the vocals — the fact that they matter as tone, not language — helps define Loveless' new paradigm. No more would experimental bands require pompous poets ranting about lambs on Broadway. Sonic textures, from electrical-storm dissonance to feather-soft harmonics, could carry meaning and hit the gut. Imparting this truth and setting the stage for post-rock, electronica, Garbage and Beck, My Bloody Valentine vanished into the ether they'd generated. If they never return, Loveless was enough.

I definitely want to make one of these. Couldn't find the mold on the site you suggested but it's been awhile since this was posted. After a quick search, I did manage to find a few different ones.


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My Bloody Valentine Strawberry WineMy Bloody Valentine Strawberry WineMy Bloody Valentine Strawberry WineMy Bloody Valentine Strawberry Wine