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It was announced today that Disney have paid $ billion for 21st Century Fox, assuming control of its vast film and television library, including The Simpsons itself. But, like so many things, the sale of the Rupert Murdoch-owned company was predicted by the show nearly 20 years ago. The animation has always taken the occasional pop at its producer, but in 1998 a tweak was made to 21st Century Fox's iconic logo that potentially spelled the future:

Pascualito Maestas for Taos Town Council Trust, Truth, and Transparency On Saturday I met with Pascualito Maestas at Wired to discuss his candidacy for Town Council. As his web site, notes, he is a graduate of Taos High School and Navy vet, earned degrees from the University of South Florida in Economics and International Studies. Upon returning to Taos, he worked with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, Taos Alive, The DreamTree Project, and currently teaches econ, calculus, precalculus, and algebra at Taos High. Next year, he will begin working with Not Forgotten Outreach, a program of affordable housing with sustainable energy production, organic agriculture, a public Veterans Memorial Park for military families. In addition to portraying a new generation of “Millennial Leadership” and involvement for the community, not unlike Nathaniel Evans and Darien Fernandez, Maestas captures the crux of the current political conflict ...

Ago Electric CucarachaAgo Electric Cucaracha