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The edition lifestyle portfolio from Exclusive Magazines encompasses 28 sleek and stylish regional titles distributed across London, Essex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. We aim to showcase the best of each area and produce glossy, intelligent editorial covering the very best in interiors and design, culture, fashion, food, travel, property and motoring.

HTR has four current National Hunt syndicates and new syndicates are launched throughout the year if a top National Hunt prospect presents itself. 

Frame captures:

  • Main DVD menu (disc 5: "Virginia Lake")
  • Episode selection menu (disc 5)
  • Episode scene selection menu ("The Cat With Ten Lives")
  • Picture quality example 1 (unremastered, too dark, "The Long Sleep")
  • Picture quality example 2 (unremastered, washed out, "Mindbender")
  • Sylvia Anderson interview
  • Ed Bishop interview
  • Merchandise gallery example (Dinky toy advertising)
  • Extra: Day for Night shooting example one , two ("Timelash")
  • From the documentary: original costume designs
Audio clips:
  • French language track dubbing example ("Destruction" golf scene + Skydiver)
  • Ed Bishop interview excerpt (on Straker's character)
  • Sylvia Anderson interview excerpt (on purple wigs)
  • SID singing outtake (originally scripted for IDENTIFIED)
Japanese DVD's: In Japan, Tohokushinsha released UFO Part 1 on DVD on 27 June 2003. Here is an in-store advertisement for this release page 1 | page 2 & 3 Fanderson's "UFO Documentary" video: Fanderson's "UFO Documentary" video: In 1993, the Gerry Anderson fan club FANDERSON released a one hour "Making of UFO" documentary video. This video was subsequently released on DVD and is still available via Fanderson Sales .
  • Here is a scan of the front & back covers of the jacket (VHS version)
  • Here is a review from issue#62 of the SHADO-USECC newsletter COMMUNIQUE 
American VHS Tapes: In 1988, Today Home Entertainment released 8 UFO episodes on VHS tape in America. Here are scans of the cover artwork:
  • Volume 1 : Exposed/A Question of Priorties
  • Volume 2 : Conflict/The Dalotek Affair
  • Volume 3 : Confetti Check A-OK/Sub-Smash
  • Volume 4 : The Psychobombs/Court Martial
UK Digital Entertainment VHS tapes: In 1999 - 2000, a company named "Digital Entertainment" released all 26 episodes of UFO on PAL VHS tape in the UK.  Here are scans of the cover artwork, plus a review (most scans courtesy Angelo Finamore & Richard Barraclough):
  • Volume 0 : Identified/Computer Affair/Flight Path 
  • Volume 1 : Exposed/Survival
  • Volume 2 : Conflict/A Question of Priorities
  • Volume 3 : The Dalotek Affair/Ordeal
  • Volume 4 : The Responsibility Seat/The Square Triangle
  • Volume 5 : Court Martial/Close Up
  • Volume 6 : Confetti Check A-./.
  • Volume 7 : Kill Straker!/Sub-Smash
  • Volume 8 : The Sound of Silence/The Cat With Ten Lives
  • Volume 9 : Destruction/The Man Who Came Back
  • Volume 10 : The Psychobombs/Reflections in the Water
  • Volume 11 : Timelash/Mindbender/The Long Sleep
  • Review of Volumes 0 and 1 from SFX magazine #50 
UK Polygram VHS tapes: Before the Digital Entertainment tapes were released in the UK, Polygram released 11 volumes on VHS PAL tape. Here are cover scans (courtesy Jan Sparks):
  • Volume 1 : Invasion: UFO (photo of Freeman & Straker) 
  • Volume 2 : Exposed/Survival (photo of Freeman & Ellis) 
  • Volume 3 : Conflict/Question of Priorities (photo of Ford, Foster, Straker) 
  • Volume 4 : Square Triangle/Ordeal (photo of Ayshea & Ford) 
  • Volume 5 : ESP/Close Up (photo of Skydiver crew) 
  • Volume 6 : Court Martial/Kill Straker (photo of Col. Lake) 
  • Volume 7 : Subsmash/Dalotek Affair (photo of Col. Foster) 
  • Volume 8 : Flight Path/Responsibility Seat (photo of Capt. Carlin) 
  • Volume 9 : Cat With Ten Lives/Sound of Silence (photo of Col. Freeman) 
  • Volume 10 : Destruction/Psychobombs (photo of Foster & Linda Simmons) 
  • Volume 11 : Mindbender/Long Sleep/Timelash (photo of Foster) 
UK Channel 5 VHS Tapes: Volumes 1-6 of the UK Polygram VHS tapes were originally released under the "Channel 5" label in 1987-1990. Here are some cover scans (courtesy Branko Vekic): 
  • Volume 1 : Invasion: UFO 
  • Volume 2 : Exposed/Survival 
  • Volume 5 : ESP/Close Up 
American Laserdiscs: In the late 1980's, Image Entertainment released 6 UFO episodes on NTSC laserdisc in America. Here are the front & back covers of the disc jackets:
  • Volume 1 : Exposed/Conflict
  • Volume 2 : The Dalotek Affair/A Question of Priorities
  • Volume 3 was released but immediately recalled due to poor quality, and was never re-released. It contained Court Martial/Confetti Check A-OK, and is extremely rare (does ANYONE have a copy of this?)
  • Volume 4 : Sub-Smash/The Psychobombs
American "Invasion: UFO" VHS Tape: In 1986, the Mirish Video Company released the compilation movie "Invasion:UFO" on NTSC VHS tape in America.  Here is a scan of the cover artwork (courtesy Angelo Finamore). Japanese Limited-Edition Laserdiscs: In 1991-92 Tohokushinsha Home Video released all 26 episodes of UFO on 2 limited edition boxed sets of laserdiscs. Included with the discs were booklets and a "SHADO Secret File" bonus disc featuring an overview of the series. Here are what the front & backs of the boxes and each volume looks like, plus some reviews: 
  • Box 1 & 2  
  • Volume 1 & 2  
  • Volume 3 & 4  
  • Volume 5 & 6  
  • Volume 7 & 8  
  • Volume 9 & 10  
  • Volume 11 & 12  
  • Volume 13 & "SHADO Secret File"  
  • A review of box 2 from SHADO-USECC fan club newsletter #58 
  • A review of box 1 from SHADO-USECC fan club newsletter #59 
Japanese Re-Release Laserdiscs: In 1993 Tohokushinsha Home Video re-released all 26 episodes of UFO on 4 boxed sets of laserdiscs. Here is a review and photos (courtesy Steve Pilant) 
  • review of the 4 boxes 
  • Box 1 and contents 
  • Box 2 and contents 
  • Box 3 and contents 
  • Box 4 and contents 
  • Many Gerry Anderson laserdiscs (UFO, Space:1999, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet) 
Japanese Laserdiscs Promotional CD Video: Here is a promotional CD video for the first Japanese limited edition laserdisc set (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection)  Italian Compilation Movie VHS Tapes: In the early 1970's, several UFO episodes were edited into 5 compilation movies which were shown in Italian theaters. Three of these movies were later released in Italy on PAL VHS tapes by AVO FILM. These videos were released in 1982 then re-released in 1986 and 1994, with each release having completely different cover artwork. The cover artwork for the 1982 releases was the same as that used for the theatrical releases. Here are some pictures of these videos, plus some advertising materials (from Angelo Finamore's UFO Collection, except where noted): 
    • 1982 cover artwork 
    • 1986 cover artwork 
    • 1994 cover artwork 
    • 1994 inside cover artwork 
    • 1982 cover artwork 
    • 1986 cover artwork 
    • 1994 cover artwork (courtesy Angelo Zumbo) 
    • 1982 cover artwork 
    • 1986 cover artwork 
    • 1994 cover artwork 
  • For the 1986 and 1994 releases, publicity booklets were included with the videos. These booklets were 33 pages and 149x210 mm in size: 
    • 1986 booklet page 3 , showing various titles available (including UFO) 
    • 1986 booklet pages with an article on the UFO videos 
    • 1994 booklet color advertisement for the UFO videos 
    • 1994 booklet pages with an article on the UFO videos 
Italian Super 8mm Film: In Italy, several UFO episodes and compilation movies were released on Super 8mm film during the 1970's. Here are pictures of the packaging of some of these (courtesy Angelo Zumbo)

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