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Samba-enredo or samba de enredo is a subgenre of Samba in which songs are performed by a samba school (or escola de samba ) for the festivities of Brazilian Carnival . "Samba-enredo" translates literally in Portuguese to "samba in song", or "song samba". Each samba school creates a new samba-enredo in advance of the next year's Carnaval, which is selected by competition, to be performed in the final Carnaval parades and events leading up to Carnaval.

Candombe is an Uruguayan music and dance that comes from African slaves. It is considered an important aspect of the culture of Uruguay and was recognized by …

In Buenos Aires, during the two governments of Juan Manuel de Rosas, it was common that “afroporteños” (black people of Buenos Aires) practiced the candombe in public, even encouraged and visited by Rosas and his daughter, Manuela. Rosas defeated in the battle of Caseros in 1852, Buenos Aires began a profound and rapid change with respect to European culture. In this context, the afroporteños (black people of Buenos Aires) replicated their ancestral cultural patterns increasingly into their private life. For this reason since 1862, the press, intellectuals and politicians began to assert that had disappeared misconception that has remained virtually until now in the imagination of ordinary people, from Argentina.

Grupo Zamba BahiaGrupo Zamba BahiaGrupo Zamba BahiaGrupo Zamba Bahia