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I haven’t kept up with the Batman direct-to-video animated films, but if they got Hamill as Joker, it’s a must-watch. Also, if they got Hamill, I’m going to hope for a bit of a Batman: TAS reunion with Kevin Conroy returning as Batman and Melissa Gilbert as Barbara Gordon (sadly, Bob Hastings , who voiced Commissioner Gordon, passed away last year).

 · Batman: The Killing Joke is a 2016 animated movie in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, based on the famous comic of …

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In 2010, the Swedish alternative metal band Dead by April released a cover version of " Love Like Blood " as a stand-alone single. The single was released 10 May 2010 on iTunes and as a double A-side single alongside previously released track "Promise Me" from their debut album Dead by April . No music videos were made for either of the tracks. "Love Like Blood" was the first track recorded by the band with their new singer Zandro Santiago, [11] and was later included on their compilation album Stronger , released on 24 January 2011.

In the New 52, it was decided Barbara would return to the role of Batgirl, regaining the use of her legs after an experimental surgery – a controversial decision considering Oracle became a high-profile and positively portrayed character with a physical disability. Still, Barbara retained much of the characterization she received during her years as Oracle, and her Batgirl remained a feisty, clever, and determined crime-fighter. In the years since The Killing Joke , Batgirl’s popularity has grown immensely, cementing her as one of DC’s best known and most beloved characters.

Killing Joke Follow The LeadersKilling Joke Follow The LeadersKilling Joke Follow The LeadersKilling Joke Follow The Leaders