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Explore Maryland's main streets, galleries, gift shops and holiday crafts fairs to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind, holiday gift for that someone special on your shopping list. 

The IEEE Registration Authority will assign an additional OUI to any organization requesting one, providing they submit a letter on company letterhead to the IEEE Registration Authority c/o IEEE Standards Department, stating that their company will not "ship" product in the new block assignment until well after they have reached (shipped) at least 95% of the block assignment, in the context of a specified standard. Your company should ensure that large numbers of derived identifiers are not left unused.

Usage Note: Unique may be the foremost example of an absolute term—a term that, in the eyes of traditional grammarians, should not allow comparison or modification by an adverb of degree like very, somewhat, or quite. Thus, most grammarians believe that it is incorrect to say that something is very unique or more unique than something else, though phrases such as nearly unique and almost unique are presumably acceptable, since in these cases unique is not modified by an adverb of degree. A substantial majority of the Usage Panel supports the traditional view. In our 2004 survey, 66 percent of the Panelists disapproved of the sentence Her designs are quite unique in today's fashion, although in our 1988 survey, 80 percent rejected this same sentence, suggesting that resistance to this usage may be waning. • In fact, the nontraditional modification of unique may be found in the work of many reputable writers and has certainly been put to effective use: “I am in the rather unique position of being the son, the grandson, and the great-grandson of preachers” Martin Luther King, Jr. “The creature is so unique in its style and appearance that the biologists who discovered it have given it not just its own species name … but have moved way up the classification scale and declared that it is an entirely new phylum” Natalie Angier See Usage Note at absolute . See Usage Note at equal .

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And the chassis is beautiful. As Coincident's owner Israel Blume comments, "While far more costly than chromed steel, stainless steel is non-magnetic, eliminating hysteresis distortion and the mirror finish is permanent = unlike chrome, which is prone to pitting and eventual peeling." This is not only a component you want to put front and center ? proudly, it?s a component you will probably hand down to a family member.

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The Uniques Uniquely YoursThe Uniques Uniquely YoursThe Uniques Uniquely YoursThe Uniques Uniquely Yours