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A superior ballad singer and a talented pianist, Shirley Horn put off potential success until finally becoming a major attraction while in her fifties. She studied piano from the age of four. After attending Howard University, Horn put together her first trio in 1954, and was encouraged in the early '60s by Miles Davis and Quincy Jones . She recorded three albums during 1963-1965 for Mercury and ABC/Paramount, but chose to stick around Washington, ., and raise a family instead of pursuing her career. In the early '80s, she began recording for SteepleChase, but Shirley Horn really had her breakthrough in 1987 when she started making records for Verve, an association that continued on records like 1998's I Remember Miles and 2001's You're My Thrill . Along the way she picked up many prestigious honors including seven Grammy nominations (and one win for Best Jazz Vocal Album with I Remember Miles ), a 1996 induction into the Lionel Hampton Jazz Hall of Fame and France's the Academie Du Jazz's Prix Billie Holiday for her 1990 album Close Enough for Love . In 2001 Horn 's health began to fail (she had her left foot amputated due to diabetes) and while it affected her piano playing, she continued to perform sporadically and recorded one final album for Verve, 2003's May the Music Never End . Horn passed away on October 20, 2005, due to complications from diabetes.

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Her marriage at age 21 to Shep Deering, a mechanic, put a damper on her musical career, and Horn performed live only around Washington, and nearby Baltimore, Maryland areas. She released her first recording, Embers and Ashes , on the small Stereo-Craft record label in 1961. The album went mostly unnoticed, but caught the attention of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, who tracked Horn down and invited her to New York to open for him at the Village Vanguard. Davis threw his weight around with the club ’ s owner to get the unknown Horn on the bill — he swore that he would not play if Horn was not allowed to perform. Davis drew a high-brow crowd to the shows, which included Charles Mingus, Sidney Poitier, and Lena Home, who all became lifelong fans of Horn ’ s.

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Shirley Horn Shirley Horn With HornShirley Horn Shirley Horn With HornShirley Horn Shirley Horn With HornShirley Horn Shirley Horn With Horn