Burt and the gentlemen please be mine

Soon after the Good Humor bar was created, Burt outfitted a fleet of twelve street vending trucks with freezers and bells from which to sell his creation. The first set of bells came from his son’s bobsled. Good Humor bars have since been sold out of everything from tricycles to push carts to trucks.

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The Victorian League was led by Mina Harker, recruited for Military Intelligence by Campion Bond . They meet in the British Museum, built on the remains of Montague House. First convened (unknowingly) under the service of Professor Moriarty , they later report to Mycroft Holmes , brother of the great detective Sherlock Holmes .

(Er, to be 100 percent clear, I was talking about KSR's age, not anyone else's! Though Short Sharp Shock, which I adore dearly, is probably also not for everybody... still I think the scatterplot has a pretty clear throughline.)

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I spent the day with Jaybird's mom. Relatively quiet weekend, I'll be spending New Year's Eve with Dman & C & family watching Indiana Jones while Jay enjoys having the cats all to himself for once (I'll be up to see the fireworks, he'll probably be asleep by 10). Then New Year's Day we'll probably mostly spend snug and cozy with each other. I still have another week off work for the holidays.

I think Mr. Bacharach wrote some of the most beautiful Chamber Pop ever made but his voice is so bad. I love when other people does his song.

Burt And The Gentlemen Please Be MineBurt And The Gentlemen Please Be MineBurt And The Gentlemen Please Be MineBurt And The Gentlemen Please Be Mine