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Woodnick said that though the results, like those of a polygraph test, would not be admissible in court, the information could be used to trick people into confessing to a crime that they did not commit. [1]

In fact, for those keeping track, the production wrecked 85 vehicles in all, including seven versions of the minivan driven by Berry’s character, Tufaro said.

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The historical value of Cornwell's Hitler's Pope has been questioned in regards to his treatment of the Pope by many other authors, such as Kenneth L. Woodward, who wrote in his review of the book in the September 27, 1999, issue of Newsweek that “Errors of fact and ignorance of context appear on almost every page.” Gumpel, ., an expert in the wartime period of Pope Pius XII's papacy, published a point-by-point rebuttal, including pointing out that "Before publication of the book ["Hitler's Pope"], an article appeared in the Sunday Times, in which Cornwell (who has no academic degrees in history, law, or theology) said he was the first and only person ever to be granted permission to visit the archive of the Vatican secretariat of state, had worked there for months on end, and discovered an unknown and highly compromising letter written by Pacelli on April 18, 1917, which, according to him, had lain there hidden as a time-bomb. All these statements are false and were declared as such in an official and authoritative statement issued by the Vatican in l’Osservatore Romano on October 13." [16] Another scholar who addressed Cornwell's publication was Prof. Ronald Rychlak, with "Hitler, the War and the Pope" (followed by "Hitler, the War and The Pope - Revised and Expanded") and then "The Pius War: Responses to the Critics of Pius XII", a major anthology, appeared. Also, Rabbi David Dalin wrote "The Myth of Hitler's Pope."

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