Various withnail and i original soundtrack

On the basis of Canadian involvement in its financing, Fifty Dead Men Walking was nominated for Best Canadian Film at the 30th Genie Awards in 2010. [8] The film won several awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay at the Genie Awards and Best Feature Length Drama at the Leo Awards. [9]

Surely the weirdest and most wonderful of all rock-opera movies, Tommy has the lot: Aretha Franklin, Keith Moon, Elton John… And the songs are all brilliant.

She may have shot to stardom last year with an Oscar-nominated performance in Loving , but don't mistake the actress for an ingenue.

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. Richter's cultish and bewildering sci-fi film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) was a quirky tale about the heroic title character - a neurosurgeon, theoretical physicist, and hard-rocker of the Hong Kong Cavaliers - who uncovered a vast conspiracy by a race of Red Lectroids from Planet 10 (led by evil leader John Lithgow). The Lectroids had escaped from their prison in the 8th Dimension with plans to return to conquer their home planet. Although unintended as a cheesy, trashy cult film, Paul Verhoeven's laughable NC-17 rated Showgirls (1995) , with generous soft-core views of Vegas strippers, showgirls, lap-dancing, and an unintentially hilarious sex-orgasm scene in a pool garnered many 'turkey' and Razzie film awards as one of the worst-acted films ever made. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996) shared the same cult following as the classic Comedy Central (and later Sci-Fi Network ) cable TV shows of the same name, featuring two robotic film audience hecklers (Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot) along with their human companion Mike Nelson, who commented upon and ridiculed Universal's sci-fi film This Island Earth (1955) being shown on a spaceship floating above Earth.

Various Withnail And I Original SoundtrackVarious Withnail And I Original SoundtrackVarious Withnail And I Original SoundtrackVarious Withnail And I Original Soundtrack