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In Cannon Spike , Cammy is 21 years old and wearing an outfit similar to her SSFII incarnation, except she has kneepads and inline skates, as well as two sub-machine guns. In her right hand, she holds a standard Uzi sub-machine gun, and in her left, a Skorpion vz. 61. Both guns are depicted in a comically larger size than their real counterparts.

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Soldier's Gun is the first studio album by the Norwegian hard rock band Stage Dolls . The album was recorded in the fall of 1984 at Nidaros Studios in Trondheim , Norway with the same producer, Bjørn Nessjø, and engineer, Rune Nordahl, as fellow Trondheim hard-rockers TNT . The album was released in the early winter of 1985 after a successful nationwide tour in Norway supporting the same TNT. Soldier's Gun barely made it onto the Norwegian album chart (VG) for one week as number 20. The album sold in excess of 20,000 copies in Norway.

Stage Dolls Soldiers GunStage Dolls Soldiers GunStage Dolls Soldiers GunStage Dolls Soldiers Gun