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Sugar Land Town Square offers uptown amenities in an urban-style setting. Featuring an inviting array of dynamic shopping and dining destinations, a world-class hotel and conference center, prime office space, luxury condos and exciting community events, Sugar Land Town Square is the premier backdrop for vibrant living, playing and exploring.

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Place cut-out cookies onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and decorate with colored sugar or sprinkles, if desired. Bake approximately 8–10 minutes, but remove before they begin to brown at the edges.

There must be something in the water in Celebville because all the celebs are going makeover mad right now! First we showed you shots of Oscars co-host Anne Hathaway getting her Sandy from Grease on , then we were saying Heather Morris and Ke$ha could be twins after the Glee girl's "TiK ToK" makeover, and now we've just seen Taylor Swift being turned into a Geisha girl in her vlog . Though the look features her signature red lipstick, everything else is a far cry from Tay Tay's usual style. Questioning the makeup artist who applied her mascara, Taylz jokingly said, "That's COVERGIRL , right?" The video of her Asian adventure also shows her cutting her friend's hair — yep, multi-talented this one! What do you think of her latest look?

The cookies on the right are made with regular butter. Delicious? Yes…but they are flat. This is how we’ve made our cookies the past year and everyone has loved them.

Ever noticed that your pizza and cake cravings are stronger than usual the day after a sleepless night? “When your brain or body craves energy like after a night out or a late night at work, it seeks the quickest pick-me-up it can find: sugar,” say the twins. If you think giving into those crazy cravings will wake you up, think again. “The sugar causes a spike in blood sugar and the body responds by kicking out insulin which leads a sugar crash,” add the twins. A dreaded crash can cause moodiness and exhaustion leading to more sugar cravings; a vicious cycle begins. Try to get adequate hours of shut eye as often as possible and, when you can’t, avoid giving into cravings and choose nutrient-dense, fiber and protein-filled meals.

AP style is ridiculous notion. It’s never really worked. Many news outlets simply ignore it or create their own house style. As an industry, let’s agree to phase out this dinosaur. News writers would be better off simply following standard rules of English grammar.

Great Rv park. Pads are spacious and very clean. Laundry facilities are great. Quite and relaxing place to stay. Everyone has been very friendly. Close to attractions but far enough for peace. Toll bridge access is awesome for quick trips to everything including the beach. Close proximity for access to Orange Beach Sportsplex. The only con I have found is Internet access is slow and fades in and out. Would stay here again when in the area and definitely recommend it to anyone!!!

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Sugar Style Check It OutSugar Style Check It OutSugar Style Check It OutSugar Style Check It Out