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More than any other classical genre, dhrupad is regarded as a sacred art – an act of devotion and meditation rather than entertainment. It is an ancient and austere form which ranks as the Hindustani system’s oldest vocal music genre still performed. Traditionally, dhrupad is performed only by men, accompanied by tanpura and the pakhawaj barrel drum. Nowadays it is most often set in a tala of twelve beats called chautal . A dhrupad lyric (usually in a medieval literary form of Hindi called Braj Bhasha) may be pure panegyric, praising a Hindu deity or local royalty, or it may dwell on noble or heroic themes. The twist is that this most Hindu of vocal genres is dominated by Muslims.

In February 1966, Helms formally founded Family Dog Productions to begin promoting concerts at The Fillmore Auditorium , alternating weekends with another young promoter, Bill Graham . Helms was instrumental in introducing Bill Graham to the nascent music scene in the Haight Asbury District of . Helms was nurturing when Graham caught wind of the excitement Helms was creating and promoting. As the concerts became more popular, inevitable "conflicts" arose between the two promoters. Chet's style was "easy-going, mellow, soft-tempered until pushed.” Graham's style was hunger for success which could lead to money. Within a few months Helms secured the permits necessary to host events at the Avalon Ballroom, an old dancehall at 1268 Sutter Street, on the corner of Sutter and Van Ness. Big Brother and the Holding Company debuted there in June 1966. Later Helms would get them the appearance that made them famous, the Monterey Pop Festival where Albert Grossman spotted Joplin and offered her a contract.

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The others are Rorete @ Clarence Rorote Sagon, Pengiran Zain Salleh Abang Mohamad Atei Abang Medaan, Winsel Ahtos, Baharuddin Abdullah, Abdul Latif Abu Seman dan Grunsin Ayom.

John Handy Ali Akbar Khan Karuna SupremeJohn Handy Ali Akbar Khan Karuna SupremeJohn Handy Ali Akbar Khan Karuna SupremeJohn Handy Ali Akbar Khan Karuna Supreme