Los dementes en el 68

1. "Corazón Fugitivo"
2. "Nómades"
3. "Mirada de Acantilado"
4. "Día de Sol"
5. "Sabes Qué"
6. "San Miguel"
7. "Pole"
8. "Muy Indignado"
9. "No Para de Aletear"
10. "Motorock"
11. "Masomenos Blues"

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On September 9, Barros Sierra issued a statement to the students and teachers to return to class as "our institutional demands… have been essentially satisfied by the recent annual message by the Citizen President of the Republic." [12] The CNH issued a paid announcement in the newspaper, El Día, for the Silent March on September 13; it invited "all workers, farmers, teachers, students, and the general public" to participate in the march. [12] The CNH emphasized that it had no "connection with the Twentieth Olympic Games…or with the national holidays commemorating [Mexico's] Independence, and that this Committee has no intention of interfering with them in any way. [12] The announcement reiterated the list of six demands from the CNH.

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Artículo original . La contribución de La Castañeda a la profesionalización de la psiquiatría mexicana, 1910–1968 . The Castañeda's contribution to the ...

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Hsiao-Kang, a Taiwanese film director, travels to the Louvre in Paris, France, to shoot a film that explores the Salomé myth.

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Los Dementes En El 68Los Dementes En El 68Los Dementes En El 68Los Dementes En El 68