Ivory sad cypress

I have been searching a long time in reality and my dreams to find a magnolia fragrance that actually features the magnolia blossoms from the southern . Let me tell you, THIS IS IT. I hardly get much of the citrus, as this fragrance is not like a Guerlinade which often starts with a big citrusy bite, and then calms to the rest of the story. This fragrance is simply, beautifully, a magnolia sole flore. As time renders the fragrance, it feels more acquatic and ethereal. This could be seen as a negative but since I am not a big floral fragrance lover, this is a positive for me.

When I spray this, I am immediately taken back to my grandfather's farm. My grandmother had many very large magnolias in her yard along with about 100 diffferent varieties of Irises. They lived not far from the Chesapeake Bay a little north of Norfolk, so the summers are very hot and humid. The smell of these lovely magnolia blossoms carried and hung in the air like the heaviest velvet.

This fragrance brings forth the magnolia in all it's dark green glossy leaves, white flowers with yellow/orange stamen and interior. If eating a magnolia blossom burst all it's flavor into your nose and mouth, you'd have this fragrance!

Thank you Kenzo for making a fragrance that makes a southern gal smile.

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Ivory Sad CypressIvory Sad CypressIvory Sad CypressIvory Sad Cypress