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Our Gang also had its roots in an aborted Roach short-subject series revolving around the adventures of a black boy called "Sunshine Sammy", played by Ernie Morrison . [12] Theater owners then were wary of booking shorts focused on a black boy, [12] and the series ended after just one entry, The Pickaninny , was produced. [12] Morrison's "Sunshine Sammy" instead became one of the foci of the new Our Gang series.

  Spanky & Our Gang concert ticket, Valparaiso University, Indiana, May 10, 1968

  Spanky & Our Gang, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas February 20, 1977 Distance-Sunday Will Never Be The Same, 45 picture sleeve.
  Label & Number: Mercury 127 278

Race your friends in a battle against the Fratellis and One-Eyed Willie’s
booby traps in a quest to save the Goondocks from the evil developers.

OUR GANG BIOGRAPHIES Many people wonder what became of these wonderful child stars as their lives progressed. It's hard to believe that many of them are gone now, but they will long be loved and remembered as friends of ours. I'm only giving BRIEF information on some of the Our Gang stars, but if you want FULL information on their lives, please buy the Little Rascals book shown at the bottom of this page!! Alfalfa (Carl Switzer) - (8/7/27 - 1/21/59) Always the clown on the set, Switzer continued to act up after he left the Gang. He had run-ins with the law and in 1959 was shot to death over money allegedly owed to him by his business partner. He was 31. He did have a few small roles in some memorable films. Among them: "It's a Wonderful Life" and John Wayne's "The High and Mighty." Switzer also had a recurring part in Roy Rogers' TV show. Visit his grave here.
For more information visit the Death of Alfalfa page here . Brisbane (Kendal McComas) - (10/29/16 - 10/15/81) - Known as Breezy Brisbane. He became an electrical engineer at the . Naval Weapons Center in China Lake, California. Like many child actors he was small for his age and never grew taller that five feet. In 1981, two weeks before his 65th birthday and apparent forced retirement he committed suicide. Jay R. Smith - (8/29/15 - 10/5/2002) - After serving in WWII, he bought a paint store. Retired to Hawaii, and then moved to Las Vegas. He was stabbed to death by a homeless man he had befriended. Jerry Tucker - Currently lives in New York. Visit his website! Joe Cobb - (11/7/16 - 5/21/2002) After his acting career ended in the early 1940s, he became an assembler for North American Aviation, a division of Rockwell International. See an adult photo of him here! Johnny Downs - (10/10/13 - 6/6/94) Died of cancer. Leonard Kibrick - (9/6/24 - 1/4/93) Died of Cancer Woim (Sid Kibrick) - (7/2/28 - ) - Became a real estate developer. Currently lives in California. Mary Ann Jackson - (1/14/23 - 12/17/2003) Mary Ann Jackson began her short but indelible career at the age of five in the short film, "Crazy House". Sporting a distinct Dutch-cut hairdo and freckles, she was cast in the "Our Gang" series in 1928 and made 32 comedy shorts with the group until 1931. Unimpressed with acting and the industry, she left the field and eventually married. She lived in San Fernando Valley, CA where she and her second husband settled and had no regrets for leaving the business. She did have fond regard for her days at the Hal Roach Studios and was impressed with her large fan following. Mary Kornman - (12/27/15 - 6/1/73) Died of Cancer. Mickey Daniels - (10/11/14 - 8/20/70) Died of cirrhosis of the liver. Records of his death did not surface until being researched 21 years after his body was found in a hotel. He died alone. Mickey (Mickey Gubitossi/Robert Blake) - (9/18/33 - ) - Became a powerful adult performer of leading and character roles. Starred in the series Baretta in the 1970's. Consumed with anger over his treatment by his family and the studio as a child, he denigrated his early work, suffered bouts of difficulty with drugs, and became known as a difficult, perfectionistic person to work with. He quit his successful TV series "Hell Town" (1985) when his personal demons became overwhelming. After a self-imposed exile of nearly eight years, during which he struggled to right his life, he successfully returned to films and television work, appearing renewed and more confident in himself and his work. Currently lives in California. Miss Crabtree - (Gisela Goetten/June Marlowe) (11/6/03 - 3/10/84) Actress in silent films, she wore a blonde wig for her her role as Miss Crabtree. Died of Parkinson's Disease. Visit her web site! Pete the Pup - The first Pete was poisoned by an unknown assailant. His last film was A Tough Winter. One of his offsprint carried on beginning with the next film, Pups Is Pups. Currently lives in Dog Heaven. Porky (Gordon Lee) - (10/25/33 - 10/16/2005) - Became a teacher and lived in Minnesota. Scotty Beckett - (10/4/29 - 5/10/68) - Scotty went on to star in other films after leaving Our Gang. As an adult he checked into a Hollywood nursing home on May 8, 1968, needing medical attention after suffering a serious beating. He died two days later. Although pills and a note were found, no conclusion was made by the coroner as to the exact cause of his death. He was just 38 years old. Shirley Jean Rickert - Currently lives in New York. Visit her web site! Spanky (George McFarland) - (10/2/28 - 6/30/93) Having tried unsuccessfully to land acting jobs in Hollywood after his starring role in the Rascals, McFarland moved back to Texas, joined the Air Force and eventually found a career as a TV salesman/executive. He made an appearance on Cheers shortly before he died at age 64 of a heart attack. Stymie (Matthew Beard) - (1/1/25 - 1/8/81) - Stymie had a troubled adult life with crime and drugs. In later life he finally cleaned up his act, and made appearances on Sanford & Son. Both he and his father, Matthew Sr., a minister in Los Angeles, were born on New Year's Day. Stymie's trademark bowler was actually one of comedian Stan Laurel's hats which accounts for it's oversize. In 1981 he suffered a stroke, contracted pneumonia, and died at USC Medical Center. His last words were: "Fun, fun, fun...Had a lot of fun." Waldo (Darwood Kaye) - (9/8/29 - 5/12/2002) - Became a pastor. Was killed in a hit-and-run accident while walking on the sidwalk. Wally Albright (9/3/25 - 8/7/99) - Owned a trucking firm. Wheezer (Robert Hutchins) - (3/29/25 - 3/17/45) - Died in a military airplane accident at the age of 19.
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