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November 30th .
1909: Robert Lee McCollum/Robert Nighthawk (US guitarist, slide guitar) * .
1911: Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno (Mexican singer, actor) * .
1912: Gordon Parks (US photographer, musician, composer, writer, film director ) * .
1915: Brow nie McGhee (US blues artist; vocals, kazoo, piano, guitar) * .
1916: Benny Moten (American swing-style bass player) * .
1916 : Dena Epstein (US music librarian, musicologist, author ) * .
1922: Weston Noble (US music educator, conductor) * .
1924: Allan Sherman/Allan Copelon (US comedy singer) * .
1928: Huguette Dreyfus (French harpsichordist) * .
1929: Dick Wagstaff Clark (DJ, host to American Bandstand)
1930: Doug Oldham (US gospel music singer) * . 2010 .
1931: Jack Sheldon (US jazz trumpeter, singer, actor)
1932: Bob Loyce Moore ( American session musician, orchestra leader, and bassist ).
1933: Raul Indipwo ( Portuguese singer; Ouro Negro Duo ) * .
1937: Frank Ifield (Australian singer, songwriter, yodeler)
1937: Paul Stookey (US vocals, guitar; Peter, Paul & Mary).
1937: Jimmy Bowen (US record producer, country music singer)
1937: Sean Dunphy (Irish singer; The Hoedowners/solo) * .
1939: Walter Weller (Austrian conductor, violinist; The Weller Quartet) * .
1943: Rob Grill (US lead singer, songwriter, bass guitarist; The Grass Roots/solo) * 11. .
1943: Leo Lyons (UK bassist; Jaybirds/Ten Years After).
1944: Luther Ingram (R&B, soul singer, songwriter) * .
1944: Rob Grill (US bassist, vocals; Grass Roots)
1945: Rob Woodward aka Shel Naylor (UK singer; Stevely Makepiece/Lieutenant Pigeon).
1945: Johnny Dyani (South African jazz double bassist, pianist; The Blue Notes) * .
1945: Roger Glover ( UK bassist, percussion, synthesizer; Deep Purple)
1949: William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr. (US jazz trombonist, composer).
1949: Terry Reid (UK singer, guitarist)
1949 : Érick Bamy aka Érick Stevens (French singer; Johnny Hallyday/Vigon Bamy Jay/solo) * .
1948: Stan Sulzmann (British alto saxophonist)
1952: Mandy Patinkin /Mandel Bruce Patinkin (US actor, tenor singer).
1953: David Sancious (US multi-instrumentalist; Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band/sessionist)
1953: June Pointer (US singer; Pointer Sisters/solo) * .
1953: Shuggy Otis (US R&B vocalist, harmonica, guitar, bass; freelance/son of Johnny Otis)
1954: George McArdle (Australian bassist; Little River Band)
1954: Richard "Rich" Conaty (US disc jockey; The Big Broadcast/others) * .
1955: Billy Idol/William Michael Albert Broad (UK singer; Generation X/solo)
1957: John Ashton (UK guitar; Psychedelic Furs)
1957: Andrew Calhoun (US folk singer, guitarist, record producer)
1957: Richard Barbieri (UK keyboardist, vocals; Porcupine Tree/Dolphin Brothers/Japan)
1958: Stacey Q/Stacey Lynn Swain (US singer)
1959: Cherie Currie (American singer, actress, chainsaw artist).
1963: Jalil Hutchins (US rapper, lyricist; Whodini).
1965: Paul Wheeler (Australian drummer; Icehouse)
1968: Des'ree/Desiree Weeks (UK R&B vocalist).
1969: Mike Stone (US guitarist; Queensryche).
1973: John Moyer (American bassist; Disturbed)
1975: Mindy McCready/Malinda Gayle McCready (US country music singer ) * .
1978: Clay Aiken (US singer; American Pop Idol)
1980: Joseph Milligan (US lead guitarist; Anberlin).
1987: Dougie Poynter (UK bass player, backing vocalist; McFly).
1989: Daisy Evans (UK actress, singer, cheerleader; S Club Juniors/S Club 8)
1991: Carnell Breeding (US singer; boy band B5)
1993: Yuuri Chinen (Japanese actor, singer)

From 1959 through 1972, French pianist/composer/arranger Francy Boland and US drum legend Kenny Clarke fronted one of the greatest big bands of the era. Situated in Europe and stacked with international stars, the popular band recorded a slew of albums including over half a dozen for MPS.

After the band's breakup, Boland concentrated on composing, as well as arranging for such stars as Sarah Vaughan. He also recorded three classic albums for MPS in 1976. The third, "White Heat", is once again studded with stars; the 24-piece band includes saxophonists Sahib Shihab, Ronnie Scott, Sal Nistico, trumpeters Kenny Wheeler, Benny Bailey, Dusko Gojkovic, and trombonists Frank Rosolino, and Eric Van Lier.

Besides Boland's stellar arrangements, Francy contributes two original compositions. His "Daffodils" has a funky Afro-Latin feel with Francy's solo followed by Englander Tony Coe on clarinet. The standard "Everything I Have Is Yours" is taken at a leisurely pace, with Coe taking the first solo on alto, followed by Shihab on baritone and Sadi on vibraphone. "As Long As There Is Music" features Boland on electric piano, while Boland's "Nargilah" begins with an impressionistic acapella piano intro and an intricate theme before segueing into solos by a muted Bailey, Rosalino, and Coe on clarinet. "East Of The Sun" is a relaxed jaunt that has Nistico leading off, followed by Boland, ending with flashy solos by Rosolino and Sadi. The sassy medium-tempo romp, "A Gal In Calico" features Wheeler on flugelhorn, Nistico's tenor, and Boland. An album of hip compositions, richly-textured arrangements and masterful solos – it's big band jazz at its best!

Tony Coe, alto saxophone, clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Sahib Shihab, baritone saxophone, flute, soprano saxophone
Ron Mathewson, bass
Francy Boland, conductor, piano, mellophone
Kenny Clare, drums
Heinz Kretzschmar, flute, clarinet
Kurt Aderhold, flute, clarinet
Christoph Brandt-Lindbaum, french horn
Konrad Alfing, french horn
Peter Ludes, french horn
Tom Baken, french horn
Ronnie Scott, tenor saxophone
Stan Robinson, tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone
Sal Nistico, tenor Saxophone, flute, clarinet
Bob Burgess, trombone
Eric Van Lier, trombone
Frank Rosolino, trombone
Net Peck, trombone
Benny Bailey, trumpet, flugelhorn
Dusko Gojkovic, trumpet, flugelhorn
Janot Morales, trumpet, flugelhorn
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn
Milo Pavlovic, trumpet, flugelhorn
Sadi, vibraphone, percussion

Produced by Gigi Campi

Digitally remastered

In the early 1940s he worked with Bull Moose Jackson and Scatman Crothers . [1] He later worked with Dizzy Gillespie and toured with Lionel Hampton . [2] During a European tour with Hampton he decided to stay in Europe and spend time in Sweden. This Swedish period saw him working with Harry Arnold 's big band. [1] He tended to prefer big bands over small groups and became associated with several big bands in Europe including the Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band . Later he began to work with Quincy Jones and that led to a brief return to the United States in 1960. During this time, he was invited to the studio as part of Freddie Redd 's sextet to record the Blue Note Records album Redd's Blues after meeting the pianist during a tour in Sweden, where Bailey had been residing at the time. Shortly thereafter, he returned to Europe first to Germany, and later to the Netherlands, where he would settle permanently.

Sal Nistico Benny Bailey Joe Haider Isla Eckinger Billie Brooks East Of IsarSal Nistico Benny Bailey Joe Haider Isla Eckinger Billie Brooks East Of IsarSal Nistico Benny Bailey Joe Haider Isla Eckinger Billie Brooks East Of IsarSal Nistico Benny Bailey Joe Haider Isla Eckinger Billie Brooks East Of Isar