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It seems a reasonable bet that the album reflects the break-up of his second marriage, to Australian model Lynne Sweeney, whose reaction to being turned into songwriting fodder is not on record. They divorced during the 1980s, when Browne was in the middle of a lengthy affair with actress Daryl Hannah. That relationship recently came back to haunt Jackson when the Atlanta-based cable channel TBS Superstation broadcast America's Prince: The John F Kennedy Jr Story, in which Kennedy was depicted as rescuing Hannah after Browne allegedly beat her up. "Mr Browne has never assaulted Daryl Hannah," said his American publicist, and the singer is insisting that the film not be rebroadcast until what he claims are defamatory scenes have been removed.

Browne told the story of the cover's creation and spoke of the title's confusion in an interview with the album designer Gary Burden for his 2002 DVD Under The Covers : "I remember being on the phone with Gary... talking about what the album cover should be, and I happened to be in a room that had a water bag on the wall. It was just one of the things that I collected driving around on trips and stuff. And I was looking at this bag as he was saying 'what do you think it ought to be?' I was thinking, 'well, it could be a water bag.' ... it said 'saturate before using' on the front ... 'You know, Gary, on mine, it says this on the back.' And you said, well, so?' And 'if you put it on the front, people are going to think that's the title.' And you said, 'don't be ridiculous. Who would think that was the title?' I said, 'Yeah, you're right.' So, not only does everyone think that's the title of that album, but my record company thinks that's the title of the album." [6]

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