Migil 5 mockin bird hill

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The group played a mixture of pop, R&B and jazz music on the cabaret circuit until they were seen by trad jazz bandleader Kenny Ball . He performed onstage with them, and recommended them to his record label, Pye Records . Their first single, "Maybe", was released in 1963. They then added tenor saxophonist Alan "Earl" Watson, formerly a member of Georgie Fame 's Blue Flames, so becoming The Migil 5, and won a residency at the Tottenham Royal dance hall, replacing the Dave Clark Five . Expanding their repertoire to cater for a younger audience, they recorded their second single, "Mockin' Bird Hill" - a country song which had been a US hit for Les Paul and Mary Ford - in a style then known as "bluebeat" and later as ska . It was released the same week as Millie Small 's ska hit " My Boy Lollipop ", and entered the UK Singles Chart in March 1964, rising to #10. [2] It also reached number one in Ireland . [1]

Migil 5 Mockin Bird HillMigil 5 Mockin Bird HillMigil 5 Mockin Bird HillMigil 5 Mockin Bird Hill